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About Us

Sarah has always had a love of art and design, ever since she was a little kid. Whether it was birthday cards, board games, origami or drawing, she was always making or creating something…

….and then somehow, I turned it into a business. The illustration line started under Malvolio, the graphic design studio I run with my husband Chris – partly to add some colour to our rather white office, and I wanted to get back into drawing by hand (something I had put on the backburner for years, as most commercial design work we do is computer-based).

I put some greeting cards in our front window display for fun, and they sold. I then had requests for more eccentric cards – and they sold. So I just kept drawing, adding new products along the way…and they just kept selling.

The illustration line outgrew being a side project under Malvolio, so it was time to give it an identity of its own: Tiny Viking Co.

Why the name? Like my work, it’s close to my heart. Our two little boys are called “the vikings” by their Nanna. They won’t be tiny vikings forever, but this business will always be my little dedication to them.

My favourite thing to do is illustration. It keeps my soul happy, and makes my heart sing when my work makes someone else’s day that little bit brighter.